Tom and Lawrene Bottorf founded GetCollegeFunding in 2005 with an underlying passion to make a difference in the lives of families committed to sending their children to college. They’ve achieved this with a solid record of success and have built the organization on a true “calling”.

Since entering the College Funding industry, Tom and Lawrene have helped thousands of families understand the highly misunderstood process of planning properly for college, including how to responsibly pay for college. Their priority continues to be in providing help to a diversity of families varying widely in financial and academic profiles.

Read testimonials throughout this website from families whose lives they’ve impacted.

The Big Break-Away

Since breaking away from the “business-as-usual” College Funding industry in 2005, they’ve built their organization on a strong foundation of excellence, integrity and a desire to serve the public. Over time they realized the need for an “All-In-One” approach to College Planning that didn’t seem to exist! They’ve defined their All-In-One platform as follows:

All-In-One College Planning begins with Financial Aid Analysis – both need and merit-based – followed with an array of strategies that result in finding excellent-fit colleges for the student while taking into account the obligation of paying for college in a responsible fashion.


GetCollegeFunding is headquartered in the lovely Dana Point Harbor, Dana Point, California. Located on Dana Island, it’s a fabulous setting for families to visit, relax for a few moments, and allow Tom and Lawrene to assist in providing a proper perspective in planning for college.

Families are welcomed into the office year-round to meet for GetCollegeFunding’s signature College Readiness Review. And by the way, being so close to the beach, don’t expect to see many suits or ties (or socks for that matter)… Hawaiian shirts and dockers are in order!

Advisory Team

Through the years Tom and Lawrene have meticulously hand-picked and built a team of best-of-breed individuals and firms that have helped GetCollegeFunding earn the reputation as a leader in every aspect of College Planning.

Regardless of where you may be on the College Planning timeline or in what areas of planning you need most, GetCollegeFunding is here to help you achieve your goals and come alongside your family throughout the College Planning process.

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