Anyone Can Go To Top Colleges

With NO Student Loans.

UCLA, Yale, Stanford, or anything in between.....

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Debt-Free College Is For Anyone!

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You know how overwhelming it is when you get conflicting info about who gets in and who get financial aid? We've been there too......That's why we have created these webinars.

Graduate from College with NO Student Loans


Given by Expert College Counselors
Tom & Lawrene Bottorf

"I wish I would have known this with my first 2 kids.  I would be retired by now."

What You'll Learn on this Special Broadcast:

The tried-and-proven 7-Step process your family needs to follow in order for your child to graduate from a top college... with NO student loans.  (And no parent loans for you either!)

The most important financial aid term that you've GOT to understand...what the term is, how it's calculated, and what it means to your out-of-pocket costs for college.

The steps to take AFTER you leave this webinar in order to plan for your children's College Success.  (We define "College Success" in a way you've likely not heard before, but are sure to agree.)

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