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Worried About
Those Financial Aid Forms?

We’re here to rescue you!

Every Family Eligibile for Financial Aid
Needs to File The FAFSA


Our “How-To” Video Course Bundle is for Do-It-Yourself families who want a budgetary, yet effective, solution to help them complete the Financial Aid Forms correctly. If your financial profile isn’t overly complicated, then this might be all you need.

By the way… if you have a DELUXE or PREMIUM membership with CollegeSuccessFormula, then you already have access to this popular Video Course Bundle.

We’ve included 3 courses in this bundle:

  • How to Complete the FAFSA Form
  • How to Complete the CSS Profile Form
  • How to Analyze Financial Aid Award Letters

Separately, these 3 Video Courses are valued at $291 ($97 each) but we’ve bundled them together for the low price of ONLY $97. This saves you nearly 90% off the price of our Help-U-File service (Option #2).

By the way, if you decide to upgrade to Help-U-File (below), we’ll happily credit you for the video courses.

“How-To” Video Courses, $97

I’d like the “How-To” Video Courses


Help-U-File is for families who don’t want to do the Financial Aid Forms themselves.

Let’s face it… for many families, filling out the forms is a grind, and just like turning over the task of filing your income tax return to a CPA or accountant… you can choose to let the professionals at GetCollegeFunding do this FOR you.

We’ve found it to be most efficient and convenient for families to meet via skype. We’ll then set up a screen-share session. Since you’ll be at home, you can access any additional financial information we might need as we do the forms WITH your, Line-by-Line.

By the end of our meeting your FAFSA Form is filed. (And your CSS Profile, too, if necessary.)

Even though we’re doing the forms with you, you’ll have access to our Video Course Bundle (Option #1 above), which includes our popular Video Course on “How to Analyze Financial Aid Award Letters”.

Help-U-File, $897

I’d like The Help-U-File


Due to FAFSA filing limitations, we limit the number of colleges covered with our Help-U-File service to 20. In the unlikely event your student is applying to more than 20 schools, there will be an additional fee. Contact us for details…


Our Financial Aid Forms Renewal service is for families with a student returning to their current college as a sophomore, junior, or senior.

We’ll complete and submit your updated FAFSA form to the college your child is attending.

BONUS: For no extra charge we’ll update and submit the CSS Profile Form if the current college requires it.

Renewal Service, $350

I’d like the Forms Renewal Service