Graduating Debt-FREE From A Top College is Possible… For Anyone

Don’t Become Another Family With Tons Of College Debt

Attention PARENTS: If your child plans to attend college, this FREE training is a must. Student and Parent Loans CAN be avoided… without sacrificing the quality of their education or preparation for a great career.

How We Are Different

For parents with high school kids bound for college worried about the Return-On-Investment of higher education, GetCollegeFunding teaches a 12-Step Formula that helps find affordable and excellent-fit colleges where students gain marketable knowledge and skills, preparing them for a satisfying career with NO Student Loans.

Unlike the counseling offered by those who encourage students and their parents to borrow heavily… our program emphasizes debt-free college while not compromising the quality of education or post-college success.

Upcoming Special Broadcasts

Monthly Webinars

We broadcast a free monthly National College Planning Training
covering a wide range of topics that are critical for moms and dads
committed to planning properly for their children’s college education.

About Us

In 2005 we started GetCollegeFunding, a non-profit organization whose mission was to teach families with college-bound children how the Admissions and Financial Aid processes work in order to achieve “College Success”. For the past 14 years, we’ve helped 1000’s of families get ready for college.

We do this through a series of free webinars and tools.

We define College Success as:

  • Assessing student personality, values, skills and interests for appropriate career paths
  • Finding majors/academic pursuits that will contribute to chosen career
  • Using test prep resources to achieve higher scores for college admission and scholarships
  • Finding cultural/academically fitting colleges that offers curriculum required/recommended for chosen career
  • Finding internship/apprenticeship opportunities within the college tenure to contribute to work experience
  • …and incuring no student or parent debt in the process

Here Are Our Areas of Specialty:

  • College Selection
  • Career & College Majors
  • Applications & Essays
  • SAT/ACT/PSAT Test Preparation
  • Financial Aid
  • Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Understanding EFC
  • Scholar Athletes

The college landscape has changed dramatically over the last generation, resulting in a greater need than ever to plan properly. Dismal college graduation rates, transfer rates, student loan debt, and wide-spread unemployment among recent graduates are a sad testimony to how important proper college planning has become.

Imagine starting out life with a college education, good direction, and no student loans. This is possible for anyone committed to following our process.