Graduating Debt-FREE From A Top College is Possible… For Anyone

Don’t Become Another Family With Tons Of College Debt

Attention PARENTS: If your child plans to attend college, this FREE training is a must. Student and Parent Loans CAN be avoided… without sacrificing the quality of their education or preparation for a great career.

How We Are Different

For parents with high school kids bound for college worried about the Return-On-Investment of higher education, GetCollegeFunding teaches a 12-Step Formula that helps find affordable and excellent-fit colleges where students gain marketable knowledge and skills, preparing them for a satisfying career with NO Student Loans.

Unlike the counseling offered by those who encourage students and their parents to borrow heavily… our program emphasizes debt-free college while not compromising the quality of education or post-college success.

Upcoming Special Broadcasts

Monthly Webinars

We broadcast a free monthly National College Planning Training
covering a wide range of topics that are critical for moms and dads
committed to planning properly for their children’s college education.

Private Consultations

Sometimes there’s no substitute for a 1-on-1 Private Consultation with an expert.
We offer 1-hour consultations covering several vital areas of most importance
for successful college planning.

College Funding

  • EFC Strategic Analysis
  • Education Loan Options
  • Financial Aid Awards Analysis
  • College Planning Timeline

College Admissions

  • High School Course Selection
  • College Evaluation Considerations
  • How to Select a College Major
  • Demonstrated Interest Strategies

Tax Considerations

  • Tax Consulting
  • College “Tax Scholarships”
  • Business Income
  • FAFSA Questions

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