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ZERO-Debt College… Can It Be Done?

by Tom Bottorf

Let me begin by immediately cutting to the chase, and answering the question with an emphatic “YES”! Your child can indeed earn a college degree and graduate debt-FREE!

Just in case you’ve not noticed, the world continues to change at an incredibly fast pace. And it’s not all for the good. A generation ago when today’s students’ moms and dads were in college, we didn’t have a horrific DEBT issue. But today? It’s nearly unimaginable just HOW much the concept of debt… HUGE debt… is accepted as being “normal”.

Debt Is KILLIN’ Us!

From the federal government which now has a debt quickly approaching $17 TRILLION to families who have accumulated massive credit card/consumer debt and even now to students who are graduating from college with 6-figure debt and often finding themselves unemployed. Did you know that in 2012 student loan debt surpassed credit card debt for the first time in history? It now exceeds $1 TRILLION. That’s a million times a million.

When Will It End?

The most alarming thing is that there’s no end in sight… and that this is largely considered to be “normal”. Well, like Dave Ramsey, we don’t believe in “normal” any longer. And neither should you! It’s somehow become totally acceptable to American families at large that their college-bound students will have debt when they graduate… often exorbitant debt.

Well, we have some good news to share with you: This IS not and SHOULD not be acceptable to YOU! More and more families are coming to the long-overdue conclusion that this is no way for their children to begin their post-college entry into the “real world”.

How ‘Bout Some Facts?

Many students… how ’bout 85%?… are graduating from college with an undergraduate degree, and are moving back home… into the same bedroom… after 5 or 6 years of college… having accrued in many cases $100K (or more) of debt… and at an unattractive interest rate at that! (Attention parents: The days of student loan interest rates at 1-3% are long gone.)

HALF of the students graduating today are UN-employed… and sadly, many of them are in essence unemploy-ABLE in this horrible economy. Employers no longer embrace the college diploma as a ticket for a good-paying job. They want skills, knowledge, young men and women who can contribute to their bottom line NOW!

The Choice Is Yours

Is graduating from college with zero-debt easy? Not really… but then what is easy that has any real value? The choice is yours… as a family. You can do college right, resulting in your children graduating with zero-debt and beginning their independence as a young adult unencumbered… or you can be like virtually everyone else and allow them to be enslaved to student loans for years to come. So which will it be?

We hope you’ll embrace Dave Ramsey’s wisdom… and the philosophy we embrace… when he encourages us all to “Live like no one else, so that someday you can ‘live’ like no one else!” The timeless proverb says it best: “The borrower is servant to the lender.” Let’s help our kids not become willful servants to the government or banking institutions. What do you say?

So What’s The Secret?

Actually, there’s no secret to Debt-Free College. HOWEVER, it comes down to finding the right set of colleges that fit into a family’s budget, taking into account savings, cash flow, need- and merit-based financial aid, tax strategies, and some solid financial planning. At GetCollegeFunding we’ve assembled a team of experts that helps families achieve ZERO-Debt College for those who wish to stop the madness. It all starts with a 75-minute College Readiness Review.

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