Here’s a listing of our upcoming webinars. All of our webinars are FREE, but registration is required. We’ll send you a couple of email reminders as your event gets close. And we’ll even text you if you like! (Our broadcasts accommodate 100 attendees.)

The 7 Steps to Graduate College Debt-FREE

Student loan debt continues to grow at a ridiculous pace. The average college graduate now owes more than $32,000 to the government… and that’s just for just their undergraduate degree. And half of these students find themselves unemployed or under-employed after graudation. Learn how to avoid this trend of unnecessary borrowing.

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“Debt-FREE College” 

The 10 BIGGEST Mistakes In Planning For College (coming soon)

Every year we see parents all across the country make the same mistakes when planning for their children’s college education. We’ve identified the 10 BIGGEST ones and we want to help you avoid them. The College Planning landscape has changed dramatically over the past 20 years… and most parents aren’t aware of this. Don’t assume that planning for your kids’ college is as easy as it was for you.

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“10 Biggest Mistakes” 

How to Get the Best SAT/ACT Score Possible

There are numerous ways to prepare for the SAT/ACT tests… and they are NOT all created equal. While “the BOOK” is the most popular, students find it the most boring and it’s come to be the most IN-effective. How would you like to have 1-on-1 tutoring 24/7? Impossible? Think again… there’s an ingenious new way to prepare for these tests, and your child can do it ANYtime day or night!

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The Secret to Building a Realistic College List

Finding the optimum 8 to 10 colleges for your child to apply to… this is THE most challenging College Planning task and the biggest source of improper College Planning. This webinar will show you a new software platform that has revolutionized the daunting task of building a REALISTIC college list. Designed by some brilliant minds from Princeton University, this software has proven to be a real winner.

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“Building the College List” 

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