The ONE College Planning Element You Can’t Afford To Ignore!

Parents… your child is doing their part… are you doing yours?

We see it every year… parents call us frantically in March/April of their child’s SENIOR year, wanting us to perform a miracle. Their son or daughter did everything they were told… and they got into their dream school, only to find out it’s going to nearly bankrupt mom and dad. This is the Consequence of Doing NOTHIN’… nothing, that is, on the part of mom and dad in terms of planning for college.

Invest Just ONE Hour

If you have a child in high school with aspirations of attending college, then our 1-hour College Readiness Review Assessment is the perfect place to begin your exciting College Planning journey. If you’re really serious about understanding the College Planning process, you can’t afford to NOT come in and see us for an hour!

Meeting with us for this strategic assessment just might be the single-most important meeting you’ll ever have in preparing for your child’s college education and the best $197 you’ll ever spend! We want so much to help you avoid failing, we’ll offer you a Satisfaction Guaranteeso there’s NO risk to you.

We meet with families Tuesdays thru Saturdays, including evenings. After you sign up, you’ll have access to our Online Scheduler to pick a time convenient for you and your student… it’s that easy!

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You Say You’re Overwhelmed?

If you’re like most parents, you’re probably overwhelmed with the uncertainty of how to properly plan, or maybe where to even begin. If you answer YES to any of these 10 questions, our 1-hour College Readiness Review can ease your worry.

You Should Meet With Us for a COLLEGE READINESS REVIEW if
you are concerned about ANY of the following: 

  1. Your child getting into the college they deserve
  2. Your child getting into massive student loan debt
  3. That they might not get into ANY college
  4. The true cost of college
  5. Picking the right colleges to apply to
  6. Which colleges you can afford without risking your retirement
  7. Whether your child should consider Community College
  8. If a trade school is a better solution than a 4-year college
  9. That your student might not be ready to leave home for college yet
  10. Just the thought of how to properly plan for college
  11. That they’ll graduate and won’t be able to find a job

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Here’s A List Of Some Of The Things We Can Cover

  1. How much “free money” can YOU expect?
  2. Should your child apply Early Admission?
  3. Are your child’s SAT/ACT scores “good enough”?
  4. Which of the 4 “Financial Aid Quadrants” does your child fall into?
  5. Should your child apply to public or private colleges? Or both?
  6. How can your child go to college and avoid student loans?
  7. What 3 things should you always take-away from a college visit?
  8. What should your child be doing the next 90 days for college preparation?
  9. What are your options as parents to help your child plan for college?
  10. How to optimize the likelihood of graduating college with a job

Of course, the specific topics we’ll discuss will be largely driven by YOUR family’s needs… as a function of your student’s academic profile as well as mom and dad’s financial profile. The list above illustrates the types of topics that are available for discussion.

A Few Things That Are NOT Covered In The Review

  • Constructing a College List
  • Reviewing Financial Aid Forms
  • Choosing College Majors or Careers
  • Financial Planning or Tax Advice
  • Essays and Admission Applications
(We have programs and Team Member experts to handle these important tasks…)

WHEN Should You Meet For A College Readiness Review?

The optimum time for your College Readiness Review is in your student’s SOPHOMORE year of high school or at the latest, early in the JUNIOR year (before Christmas). If you have a 2nd-semester junior or a senior, DON’T PANIC! We’ll put you on our Accelerator Program… but come in right away! And remember… we have a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy!

Satisfaction Guarantee… REALLY?

Yes indeed, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the value of your 1-hour College Readiness Review. We’re committed to providing you with our expert knowledge on the College Planning process… and we value the time you’ve taken to meet with us.

If you feel you didn’t get your money’s worth… or the hour was a waste of your time, just tell us so, and we’ll refund your entire fee as you’re leaving. AND… you’re free to keep any College Planning resources we’ve given you.

You see, we’re confident in our ability to help you. We’ve helped 1000’s of families all across the country for 10 years now, and we’re GOOD! Families leave our office encouraged with a sigh of relief… and worried far less than when they came in.

So give us a chance to help you and your family… risk-FREE!

WHERE Do We Meet?

If you’re local to southern California, we’d love to meet with you in our Dana Point Harbor Office. Otherwise, we’ll do a skype or telephone call.

HOW Do We Get Started?

It’s easy! Click on the button below, and we’ll take it from there! You’ll schedule your appointment using our Online Scheduler. We meet Tuesdays thru Saturdays, including evenings.

Join us for ONE HOUR to discuss how to get your child into the best college for them!

  • Understand the College Planning process!
  • Resolve your College Planning concerns!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Here’s What Happens As Soon As You Sign Up

  1. You’ll receive an immediate email with a link to a worksheet that will take you about 10 minutes to complete. This provides us with the necessary information to prepare for our meeting with you.
  2. As soon as you hit the SUBMIT button for the worksheet, you’ll receive another email with a link to our Online Scheduler. Pick a convenient time for you and your family, including Saturdays and evenings.
  3. We’ll meet for your College Readiness Review… and if you’re like most families, you’ll leave relieved and far less overwhelmed and worried than before you found us  🙂

And remember… We have a money-back Satisfaction Guarantee!
Avoid the Consequence of Doing Nothing

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