Don’t Let The Ridiculous Cost Of College Crush Your Child’s Dreams

  • Take part in our Breakthrough One-Hour Session that has Saved Families $4.65 Million
  • Find the RIGHT college at the RIGHT price… and Avoid Crippling Student Loan Debt
  • Learn how ready you REALLY are and where you need to FOCUS with our Exclusive 17-Point Checklist
It all begins with a College Readiness Review

The facts are startling.

Student loan debt is now more than $1.2 Trillion… more than the total credit card debt in America.
Half the students pick the wrong college, and graduate from a school other than the one they entered as freshman.
Overwhelmed parents are scrambling, staring down chilling expenses, and putting their families in precarious financial positions.
Students are graduating with toxic bills that haunt them for decades, putting off the purchase of a home, and starting a family.

The answer is NOT borrowing more money.

It’s knowing the choices you have. Choices that mean you can make smart decisions.

When you know where to look… when you’re armed with the facts…

Obstacles melt away. Options open up. Money appears. You discover that there are great ways to get your child a quality education without surrendering to extreme debt.

You Can Get Started Right Now

Give us just 90 minutes of your time. Schedule your College Readiness Review, and you’ll see how to turn the tables. Join the families who have saved $4.65 million on college bills. Discover how to manage the process so you can leverage it to your family’s advantage.


The College Readiness Review is NOT a sneaky way to sell you life insurance, get you to take out a loan, or make an investment. We are not financial planners. We are college planners with a 100% focus on admissions and financial aid.
What You’ll Get From The College Readiness Review
Give us just 90 minutes. We’ll show you…
  • How to start zeroing in on the dream school without the nightmare expense. When you pick the right colleges to apply to, new doors swing open, where the academic and financial benefits can mean the difference between endless debt and exciting opportunity.
  • The proven way to dramatically expand your options. This is how to shift the odds in your favor, and help get your child into the college he or she deserves.
  • The hidden truth behind the “Free Money” Myth. Before you dismiss your family’s chances of getting a grant or other special funding, because you have a hunch your income is too high, get the facts. Chances are they’ll surprise you.
  • What never to do on a college visit. Overlook these 3 things, and you could be setting yourself… and your child… up for heartbreak.
  • How to make the most of your financial situation. Every student falls into one of four financial aid quadrants. When you know which one your child is in, you’ll see the steps to take to leverage your opportunities, save money, and soften much of the college tuition sting.
…and much, more more.

The best things you can do over the next 90 days. Whether or not a community college makes sense. When to consider trade schools. The pros and cons of early admission. What to do when the SAT/ACT scores aren’t “good enough.”

We’ll cover a lot of ground. You’ll be armed with valuable information, and you’ll replace your feelings of confusion with clarity and confidence.

There are also a few topics we won’t cover, such as putting together a college list, writing essays, going over financial aid forms, or tax advice. These are important, and we have people on our team and programs to help you look after them.

All this, for just $297. It’s a modest investment that can easily pay for itself 50, even a hundred times over.

And even if financial concerns aren’t as important for your family as making a good college choice, you’ll have a much better grasp of the road ahead.

Every Day, We Help Parents Who Are Overwhelmed Become Parents Who Are Confident

Here’s what parents who have worked with us here at GetCollegeFunding have to say…
The Review confirmed a lot of info and gave us some new things to consider. And, our son hearing things from an expert was very good for him. Always better to hear it from someone else other than Mom and Dad!!!
Gail Hockerman Capo Valley Christian San Juan Capistrano, CA
I think the most important part of the readiness review was knowing I’m not behind in the getting-ready-for-college timeline. Instead of leaving with a heavy burden, I felt so much relief.
Juli Chaplinski Canyon High School Anaheim, CA
The review you provided for us was superb! It was extremely informative and positive. The review was full of vital details and tremendous support for every step along the way. You are an amazing resource!
Patti Cullen Dana Hills High School Dana Point, CA

We love the immediate and personal attention to every little detail. Never feel overwhelmed or lost in this whole college process.
Stephen and Elaine Marcus Laguna Beach High School Laguna Beach, CA
We have already gone from feeling confused and overwhelmed to hopeful and excited about the college search experience.
Melody Bacon Dana Hills HS Dana Point, CA

The #1 Way To Start

Your Successful College Planning Journey

90 minutes of your time. A modest $297 investment.

In return, you’ll get the detailed insights and effective advice of a team of experts.

People who know the ropes, and have saved families like yours $4.65 million.

People who know the ropes, and have saved families like yours $4.65 million.
And if your goal is to make sure your child is picking the right school…

Unless there’s a student we haven’t heard from, we can tell you that 100% of the students we’ve worked with in our ELITE Program have been graduated from the same school they entered as a freshman.

So come in for your College Readiness Review.

You’ll know your options. You’ll see how the process has changed since you applied to college, and how to make good decisions for your family.

We believe nobody else can give you this quality of information. That’s because we pull together the issues of admissions and financial aid. When these are integrated, you can pursue both paths to your advantage.

You’ll have a clear understanding of the best way to move forward.

For any reason, if you feel our College Readiness Review falls short of your expectations, tell us, and we’ll give you a 100% refund. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

You’ve got nothing to risk, so please pick a convenient time for your College Readiness Review. We can visit with you and your family Tuesday through Saturday, including evenings.

Our office is in Dana Point Harbor. We can also do a Skype or telephone call.

Once you say yes, we’ll send you an email with special information, and scheduling instructions.

Let’s get started.

Wondering If It’s Too Late?

No, chances are it’s not.

The best time for your College Readiness Review is in your student’s sophomore year of high school or at the latest, early in the junior year.

If you have a 2nd-semester junior or even a senior, we’ll look after you with a special Accelerator Program.

So it’s not too late. And it’s never too early to start.

You Wouldn’t Let Your Child Go Out And Buy a $50,000 Car,

So Why Would You Let A 17 Year-Old Pick A $250,000 College?

When parents are involved, good decisions are made.

Like decisions on the right school, because transfers can be expensive. Our data puts the price tag on a student transfer from college A to college B at $25,000.

Let’s work together to make the right choice for your child.

The One Thing No Parent Ever Wants To Tell A Child:

“I’m sorry. I know how hard you’ve worked to be accepted, and we’re very proud of you, but there’s just no way we can afford it.”

Your 2 Choices


Offer encouragement and support, but stay on the sidelines. Let your child apply to colleges and be accepted one that it turns out you can’t afford. Find yourself in the terrible position of having to tell your child, “No, you can’t attend your dream school.”


Be the solution. Contribute to the process with helpful knowledge. Help your child plan. After all, when there’s a decision to be made that could turn into a six-figure expense, do you really want a 17 year-old making it?