Feeling Overwhelmed

With The Whole College Thing?


This is the word we hear far more than any other when we first meet with moms and dads from all across the country with kids committed to going off to college.

If “overwhelmed” describes you… well, you’re in excellent company (if that’s any consolation)!

Most families aren’t aware HOW much the college landscape has changed from just a few short years ago. At GetCollegeFunding we’ve mastered the

process to help families… regardless of their financial profile… prepare their kids for a great college experience… and even more importantly, a successful career.

Over the past decade we’ve found one common goal all families strive for who have children bound for college. What is it?

Getting our kids into a TOP college that we can pay for in a responsible fashion.

Let’s meet privately for a “College Readiness Review”
… and we’ll even walk you through our exclusive 17-Point Checklist at no extra charge

Within our first 10 minutes together, our 17-Point College Readiness Checklist will reveal just how ready you REALLY are for your child’s college career…. and what you need to focus on in order for your child to succeed in such a competitive landscape. (The checklist is a $97 value we want to offer you as a bonus for meeting with us!)

Let’s face it… college has become ridiculously expensive. Some sticker prices for undergraduate degrees have reached $250K! If you have the resources to write the check, CONGRATULATIONS! Your primary focus then is finding the very best colleges for your child.

If you’re in the group of families… even those with high incomes… who are hoping for some degree of Financial Aid, then you have an additional challenge. Along with finding the best colleges, you need to understand the complex Financial Aid “system”.

Whichever group you’re in… we can help you!

And our College Readiness Review is THE perfect place to start.

Click on the selection that best describes you:

Make this selection if any of these apply:

  • College costs are a concern
  • You’d like to make the most of grants, scholarships, and loans
  • 4-year college may be challenging without financial aid

Make this selection if any of these apply:

  • Your #1 goal is finding the best college
  • Cost is not your primary concern
  • Scholarships would be welcomed but not necessary

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