Let’s Get Started!

OVERWHELMED! That’s the word we hear families utter the most by far as we begin our conversation regarding how they’re doing with their College Planning. The good news is that by the time we’ve talked for an hour or so, the sense of being overwhelmed has been replaced with that of understanding and confidence.

60-Second Check-Up

“Getting Started” with your College Planning does NOT have to be painful! In fact, we’ve made it easy for you. Begin by completing our FREE online College Readiness Survey. Think of this as a “check-up”, 10 questions that will take you 60 seconds or less and will (remarkably) reveal how ready you are (or are not?) for your children’s college career. Whether you get an “A” or an “F”, we’ve got to set a baseline and then get you out of the gate.

1-Hour Review

Next we want to meet with you for about an hour for a College Readiness Review. This is where any anxiety you may be having over all this will be put to rest! If you’re local to southern CA, we’d love to meet with you in our Dana Point office. If you’re not, then we’ll video conference.

Learn Your EFC… NOW

And lastly, to help get you started, we have a free EFC Software Program for you. This will clarify how much, if any, need-based financial aid your family will qualify for. Stop the guessing and find out for sure. Just plug in some numbers and let our software do the heavy lifting.

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