Hands Down The Best College Planning Service On The Planet…

and here’s WHY

Our CollegePlanning ELITE service has evolved over the past 10 years and is the only program of its kind. Unlike other College Planning and College Funding programs, CollegePlanning ELITE covers both the College Admissions and Financial Aid/Paying-for-College elements…

And CollegePlanning ELITE does not involve selling off all your assets or borrowing against your home in order to “reposition” your assets into a permanent life insurance policy!

Without a proper balance of ADMISSIONS and FINANCIAL strategies…
an optimum College Planning program CANNOT be achieved.

Our Most Popular Program EVER

CollegePlanning ELITE is our most popular program for students committed to diligently working with us as we guide them through our tried-and-proven Admissions Strategies. Together we’ll find the best-fit colleges, taking into consideration a wide array of parameters.

In order to assure the results to which we are committed, we limit this program to “selective enrollment”. This begins with an initial meeting… our College Readiness Review… with the student and at least one parent attending. After discussing the details of CollegePlanning ELITE, if we mutually agree that we’re a good fit for each other, enrollment in the program can proceed.

CollegePlanning ELITE covers every element of College Planning you need in order to find the best-fit colleges for your child, including sound affordability considerations for mom and dad. And if you’re committed to Debt-FREE College, we’ll help you achieve it!

Show Me All of the Features of
CollegePlanning ELITE

Of the “10 Biggest Mistakes Families Make When Planning for College” we discuss in our popular report, the biggest one of all is thinking that constructing a REALISTIC College List is easy!

CollegePlanning ELITE will help your family avoid this biggest mistake, often resulting in saving parents thousands of dollars and students years of wasted time.

3 Criteria for a Realistic College List

  1. Proper number of colleges (varies with student/curriculum)
    • Minimum of 6
    • Nominally 8 to 10
    • Maximum of 12

  1. Excellent “fit” for the student
    • Academically
    • Socially
    • Spiritually (as applicable)
    • Politically (as applicable)
    • Supports student’s “learning style”

  1. Family can pay for in a responsible manner
    • Mom’s and Dad’s retirement plans are not put at risk
    • Student debt is minimized (our personal goal is NO debt)
    • Ability to pay for younger children’s college is not jeopardized

What Better Investment?

Priced at $333/month for 15 months (or a single-payment option for a $500 savings), CollegePlanning ELITE is an invaluable investment in your student’s college career. Only half of all college students are graduating from the school they entered as freshmen!

Avoiding even one extra semester by preventing a college transfer pays for our CollegePlanning ELITE Program several times over!

Show Me The Payment Options for
CollegePlanning ELITE

CollegePlanning ELITE covers all of your needs in planning properly for college up to but not including Essay & Application Support. This is provided in our Admissions ELITE add-on

Email us or call us with questions at 949.340.2675

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