• We’ll help you find the best colleges at the right price
  • Perfect for sophomores and 1st-semester juniors
  • Prepare for your children’s college… the right way
  • Convenient monthly fee for 15 months… or
  • Save $500 with our Single-Payment Option
  • The sooner you start… the more benefits you receive

You can enjoy all the benefits of CollegePlanning ELITE starting today
for just 15 easy payments of $333.

The 15-month payment option does NOT limit you to only 15 months of SERVICE. CollegePlanning ELITE covers your child comprehensively from the time you sign up… all the way to their entrance to college… for one fixed fee.

STAGE 1 (The Foundation)

1 Platinum Client Priority Access

You’ll receive top priority access to GetCollegeFunding and our Advisory Team. Expect a call-back or email response… same day.

2 Access to our exclusive Client Portal

CollegePlanning ELITE families have access to our membership website that provides direction every step of the way for the student and parents.

3 Access to online StudentPlanner Organizer premium account (for the student)

This software tool helps students keep all of their admission documents in one place so nothing gets lost… and the College Calendar feature means no missed deadlines for ANY colleges of interest.

4 SAT/ACT Combo Online Study Program

Students have 24/7 access to the finest online video SAT/ACT Study Program on the planet! 200-point increases on the SAT are common for students using this program. This is a 12-month subscription and can be extended.

5 MCP (My College & Career Plan)

MCP will help your student efficiently research colleges, majors, even potential excellent-fit careers. CollegePlanning ELITE includes our premium 5-year subscription to MCP.

6 Private Introductory College Counseling Session

By the first weekend after CollegePlanning ELITE engagement, your student will enter into Private College Counseling sessions with one of the foremost authorities in the nation.

STAGE 2 (Let The Planning Begin!)

7 Strategy Session #1

This Strategy Session includes assessing your Financial Aid Quadrant, discussing your student’s Preliminary College List, and defining the next 90 days’ plan of action.

8 CollegePlanning NAVIGATOR

The NAVIGATOR is our exclusive, personalized 10-Chapter Planning Guide. Whenever we meet for future Quarterly Progress Reviews, you’ll have this handy for updates from us.

9 1st-Pass Preliminary College List

Your student’s College List will eventually consist of 6 to 12 colleges, but we begin with a preliminary list based on your student’s academic profile and interests coupled with your financial profile.

10 College Data Reports

We’ll provide you with College Data Reports on every college of interest to you and your student. Contact information is provided for the college’s Admissions and Financial Aid offices… as well as demographics, important deadlines, school codes, and a listing of all majors offered. And there’s a Freshmen Class Profile that includes metrics of grades and test scores that will assist you in determining likelihood of admission.

11 Aid Eligibility Analysis

This report shows Financial Aid Eligibility at your student’s colleges of interest, as well as the average amount of University Grants provided to students with your family’s financial profile.

12 College Planning Resources

We’ll give you helpful resources, as appropriate for your family, such as College Planning books, maps, subscriptions, and software.

STAGE 3 (The Financial Piece)

13 Thorough Analysis and Strategizing of EFC

14 Income Tax Review and Tax Scholarship Analysis

You’ll learn tax strategies that often help reduce your bill to the IRS, freeing up more money for college! We call these ‘Tax Scholarships’.

15 Evaluation of College Funding/Retirement Planning/Investments

You’ll have access to one of the nation’s top-notch Financial Advisory firms… specializing in balancing college costs, retirement planning, and investing.

16 Strategy Session #2

After you’ve met with our Financial Advisory team, we’ll meet for another strategy session, incorporating all the progress you’ve made up to this point… both Admissions and Financial Aid.

STAGE 4 (Preparing for the RIGHT Colleges)

17 In-depth Self-Assessment for Students

This is one of the best personality self-assessments available. (It’s NOT a test.) Our Senior Admissions Counselor has years of experience in interpreting the results and uses them in counseling your student in the areas of careers, majors, and college selection.

18 Construction of REALISTIC College List

Building a realistic college list is the single biggest task in planning properly for college. We’ll find 8 to 10 excellent-fit schools for your student… taking into account the affordability element as well.

19 Cost-saving Merit Scholarship Strategies and Preparation

Many fine private colleges (and a few publics) offer Merit Scholarships to students who demonstrate a particular academic, athletic, or talent profile. We will help you find those college-based scholarships and counsel your student on how to be seen as a strong candidate for them.

20 Customized Personal Handbook with All Steps to Prepare for College

Your student will be equipped with a 100-page personalized College Binder that will be an invaluable reference for him/her… and you, the parent, as well. Included will be strategies, essay writing tips, and much more.

STAGE 5 (The Home Run)

21 Quarterly Progress Reviews

We’ll meet with you and your student for a formal Progress Review every 90 days… laying out a plan for you for the next quarter, as well as reviewing your progress over the last quarter. Nothing will ‘fall in a crack’… and you’ll never wonder what you should be doing next. It’s imperative for the student to attend these reviews.

22 Financial Aid Forms Instruction & Review

You’ll receive professional guidance… and strategies… on properly completing all the Financial Aid forms required for your student. We’ll teach you how to complete the forms… and we’ll check them to make sure they’re done properly.

23 Award Letters Review & Appeal Evaluation

We’ll meet with your family in the March/April timeframe of your student’s senior year and review all of the Financial Aid Awards offered him/her. You’ll understand what your out-of-pocket costs will be for all colleges under consideration… and we’ll help you decide if any appeals are warranted. If this is the case, we’ll coach you through the entire process.

24 Borrowing Discussion (only if necessary)

While our philosophy here at GetCollegeFunding strongly opposes borrowing for college, we certainly respect that different families have different perspectives on how much debt is acceptable for their family. We’ll explain the variety of student (and parent) loans available and help you make the best decisions on which ones to accept.

STAGE 6 (Bonuses for ELITE Families Only)

25 Free College Readiness Reviews for younger siblings

We offer free College Readiness Reviews for younger siblings anytime after they enter their freshman year of high school.

26 Multiple Student Discounts

Our ELITE client families receive huge discounts for all of their younger children who enroll in CollegePlanning ELITE.

27 Half-Off Any Additional Software

You’ll receive HALF-OFF any additional College Planning software… for ANY of your children, no time limitation.

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