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For Your Child to Thrive in College

3 Programs Comprise Our ELITE offering:


CollegePlanning ELITE is our flagship program and is the bundle that’s gained us national recognition. It has become the “Gold Standard” for moms and dads all across the country who are seeking a truly comprehensive College Planning solution for their college-bound kids.

It consists of 6 STAGES that cover every element necessary to properly plan for college up to but not including Essay & Application Support and Admissions Strategies & Tactics. (These items comprise our Admissions ELITE program.)

Typical engagement begins in the student’s high school sophomore or 1st-semester junior year. Access to our exclusive Clients Only portal is provided immediately upon engagement.

CollegePlanning ELITE offers 2 payment options:

  • $333/month for 15 months, or…
  • Single-payment option for a savings of $500

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CollegePlanning ELITE


Counseling ELITE is included in CollegePlanning ELITE… BUT is also available as an a la carte service. For families who are seeking ONLY Private Counseling in building a college list, it’s the perfect solution.

Priced at roughly 1/3 of CollegePlanning ELITE, it does NOT include consideration of the financial component of planning for college, other than a cursory overview of potential university scholarships.

The “deliverable” is a Final College List for your student. Also included in Counseling ELITE is professional Career Counseling as well as guidance in determining a College Major, or in some cases a “cluster” of College Majors.

Counseling ELITE investment is $1597.

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Counseling ELITE


Admissions ELITE is an optional add-on to either CollegePlanning ELITE or the a la carte version of Counseling ELITE. It, too, is available as an a la carte program for families who have not engaged with either of the above-mentioned ELITE programs.

Admissions ELITE includes Essay & Application Support and Admissions Strategies & Tactics. As the College List matures, it becomes evident how many colleges and what types of colleges will be applied to. Upon request a custom quote is provided for Admissions ELITE.

Admissions ELITE is typically engaged with during the 2nd semester of the student’s junior year… although it’s not uncommon for desperate seniors who are a bit late to find refuge with this program as well.

Depending on the number of essays and applications, Admissions ELITE varies from $750 to $2500.

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Admissions ELITE

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