Uncle Sam and Some Colleges Are Writing HUGE Checks to a Small Group of Students

… but you’ve gotta do the paperwork CORRECTLY!

Every year tons of GRANTS… that’s FREE money from colleges and the government… are NOT handed out to incoming college freshmen who are totally qualified to receive them. The reason? Their parents DIDN’T know how confusing the FAFSA Form would prove to be. Here are just a few of the mistakes they make:

Pitfalls of the FAFSA

  • Not turning it in on time (there are LOTS of deadlines, depending on the colleges, causing plenty of confusion)
  • Declaring assets incorrectly (Do you know WHICH assets must be declared, and which ones should NOT?)
  • Erroneous evaluation of assets, especially real estate (OVER-valuing real estate is a common mistake… so how DO you value it properly?)
  • Most families have never heard of the 2-Phase FAFSA Process for maximizing grants from private colleges
  • Not knowing if restructuring assets is a good option… or the absolute WRONG thing to do, making paying for college even more difficult

Do YOU need help with the FAFSA?

Don’t regret that you did NOT seek the help of professionals like us when it’s too late and the damage has been done. We have years of experience of completing these confusing forms. And we know what strategies WORK in order to get the most free money.

Help-U-File Financial Aid Forms Service

This is our newest… and best… FAFSA Processing Service ever. Think of it as an insurance policy that eliminates any doubt as to the proper completion of your crucial Financial Aid Forms.

And as opposed to our previous You Do… We Review, you don’t need to watch any more videos or attend any more seminars about the FAFSA form! Sign up below and then schedule your appointment right away using our Online Scheduling System.

Then come in (if you’re in southern CA) or meet with us over skype (or the good ‘ol telephone). We’ll HELP you complete your FAFSA form… line-by-line… and the CSS Profile (if applicable).

We’ll answer your questions along the way and make sure they’re done right, assuring the maximum grants (that’s FREE money!) you’re entitled to. We’ll catch any mistakes you would have made… BEFORE your forms go in!

Forms Processing Service
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