Increase Your Child’s Chances
to Succeed by at Least 10X through
ELITE Private Counseling

Mr. Eric Goodhart is our Senior College Admission Specialist and will provide professional guidance and private counseling to your student through our Counseling ELITE program.

Mr. Goodhart is one of THE foremost authorities in the nation when it comes to College List-Building and the entire College Admissions process.

Mr. Goodhart is a master at matching students to excellent-fit colleges by assessing their personality and interests, preferences, even their “learning style”. With his guidance students are able to develop their College List of 6 to 12 schools.

This turns out to be one of THE most critical tasks in all of College Planning. Determining potential college majors and careers is part of this counseling program.

The College List we construct will take the following into account:

  • Student’s academic and non-academic profile
  • Student’s personality, innate characteristics and learning style
  • Student’s personal values
  • Colleges’ location and size
  • Colleges’ quality of academic and career advising

When these points are understood, colleges are identified… actually “hand-picked”…  that are deemed worthy of a student’s application. A realistic college list is then constructed with intention using Eric’s tried-and-proven AAA Due Diligence Method.

A properly constructed College List is built from the “bottom up”. (This is an excellent discussion point during your introductory session with Eric!)

Here’s what is provided in Counseling ELITE:

  • In-depth Personality/Strengths Assessment
  • Guidance in College Majors and Careers (as appropriate)
  • Assistance in High School Course Selection (as required)
  • Discussion of Post-Undergraduate Pursuits
  • Preliminary College List (initially)
  • Final College List (refined throughout the process)

2 Ways to Get Started with Counseling ELITE

This program can be purchased a la carte for $1597. OR… you can have it when you enroll your student in our all-inclusive CollegePlanning ELITE program.

If you would like to purchase Counseling ELITE now and upgrade to CollegePlanning ELITE any time in the future… you’ll simply pay the current price of CollegePlanning ELITE (at the time of the upgrade) less $1597. If you have any questions about this program, shoot us an email or call us.

Ready Now?

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