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An HONEST Note From Father to Son

by Lawrene Bottorf

We HEART the dads and moms who are bold enough to have conversations like this with their high achieving students. For a bit of context, the letter below was written by an executive at a well known media company to his son. He gets it!!!! Way to Go!!!
Hey Son,

I wanted to write you to provide some clarity about your future. I know as a Jr. in High School, you are hearing a lot about college. And I have seen that you are even starting to receive mail from colleges wanting to recruit you. You are smart, they want you there.

Your friends will be picking lots of schools that cost a lot of money. They live in a different world than you and I. College tuition and student loans have replaced credit cards as the number one form of consumer debt. Re-read that sentence! THEY HAVE REPLACED CREDIT CARDS!

This will not be you.

You will not be going into debt to pay for college. It is a waste of money and puts you behind in life.

I have hired almost 20 people on to my team in the last 2 years. The place where I work has been voted BEST place to work for 7 years FOR ALL of Nashville and middle Tennessee. People beg for the opportunity to work here.

AND I HAVE NEVER HIRED A SINGLE PERSON BASED THE COLLEGE THEY WENT TO!!! Read that sentence 10 more times. I couldn’t even tell you the colleges anyone on my team went to, it’s not as important as we are lead to believe. It’s just another lie society tries to convince us all of.

I have only hired anyone based their work experience, and if I like them. I am considered one of the better people who does hiring.

Champions aren’t made from the schools they attend, they are made from a passion deep inside them that God puts there. Out work, hustle, and you will win in life (also tithe 10% – but we can talk about that later).

All of what I am writing runs counter culture to what you are hearing from your friends, seeing on TV, and possibly even being provided from your school.

I want you to be able to succeed in life and in school. You are smart, much smarter than I ever was at your age. If you have visions of attending a school where you can’t seem to get a full-ride, then I think it’s time for you to start working and saving.

Hear me loud an clear. I will not be signing any student loan applications on your behalf. You may not understand this right now, but 20 years from now, you will thank me.


Your loving Dad

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