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College Scholarships to Thousands of Seniors!

Federal Student Aid and Understanding The FAFSA
by Lawrene Bottorf

Every year, the awaited list of National Merit Semi-Finalists is sent to principals of high schools, as well as the high scoring students.  So a hearty “congratulations” to all who qualified!

While many seniors already have the college essays written, and the teacher recs done, it is important to integrate the weighty component of a merit award based on National Merit standing.

While National Merit Corporation itself offers a $2500- award to the finalists every year, some colleges offer large renewable merit scholarships. For instance, USC (Southern California) offers 23k per year and ASU (Arizona) offers full out of state tuition and fees.

This is of course part of the research in making the college list of AFFORDABLE schools!  College scholarships don’t happen by chance, nor are they available at every school.

2016 National Merit Scholarship Competition

The results for the October 2014 PSAT/NMSQT are available December 2014. The scores and your test booklet are mailed to your high school early in December.

2015 National Merit Scholarship Competition

If you took the PSAT/NMSQT in October 2013 of your junior year and you received a very high score, you may be entered in the 2015 competition for National Merit Scholarships.  In September, 2014, 34,000 commended students will receive Letters of Commendation.  These students will not continue in the competition.

In September 2014… 16,000 high scorers will qualify as semifinalists.  In February 2015, semifinalists who meet academic and other requirements will advance to Finalist standing.

Scholarship Notification

April, 2015, winners of corporate sponsored merit scholarships.
May, 2015, winners of National Merit $2500 scholarships.
May, 2015, winners of college-sponsored merit scholarships.
July, 2015  winner of additional college sponsored merit scholarships.

So What’s It Take To Be A National Merit Semifinalist?

For the Class of 2015… here are the PSAT scores, state-by-state, for qualification:

Alabama  207
Alaska  210
Arizona  213
Arkansas  206
California  222
Colorado  213
Connecticut  220
Delaware  215
District of Columbia  224
Florida  211
Georgia  215
Hawaii 214
Idaho  211
Illinois  215
Indiana  212
Iowa  207
Kansas  213
Kentucky  210
Louisiana  208
Maine  212
Maryland  221
Massachusetts  223
Michigan  210
Minnesota  215
Mississippi  207
Missouri  209
Montana  206
Nebraska  209
Nevada  208
New Hampshire  212
New Jersey  224
New Mexico  210
New York  218
North Carolina  212
North Dakota  201
Ohio  213
Oklahoma  206
Oregon  217
Pennsylvania  216
Rhode Island  212
South Carolina  209
South Dakota  203
Tennessee  212
Texas  218
Utah  208
Vermont  213
Virginia  219
Washington  219
West Virginia  201
Wisconsin  208
Wyoming  204


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