Our 17-Point Checklist Shows Where You’re Ready…
and Where You’re NOT

Whatever Your Budget Might Be

  • Are you aware of the 17 crucial points in preparing for college?
  • Do you have a deliberate plan to accomplish them?
  • If not… you’re not ready to send your child off to college.

Just as a Master Auto Technician goes through an exhaustive checklist to make sure your car is in tip-top shape when it leaves the shop… we’ve developed a 17-Point Checklist to help you fully prepare your children for college.

The 17-Point Checklist Includes 5 Sections

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1 For Overall Planning

The Ideal College Planning Timeline is a great starting point.

2 For College Selection

Careers, majors and colleges need to be in alignment.

3 For Admissions

Apps and Essays… deadlines and requirements are confusing.

4 For Test Preparation

When to take WHAT tests… a deliberate schedule needs to be thought out and implemented.

5 For Paying for College

Massive student and parent loans result from a lack of preparation.

Our exclusive 17-Point Checklist Overview includes:

  • Meeting with a senior College Planning expert
  • Thorough review/explanation of all 17 key points
  • Report emailed to you immediately following your meeting

This just might prove to be the best $97 you’ll ever spend as you plan for college!

I’m ready for the 17-Point Checklist

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